Who Sells Triumph Flooring
Who Sells Triumph Flooring

Triumph Flooring is sold by authorized dealers and retailers who specialize in flooring products. They offer a wide range of Triumph Flooring options to cater to different customer preferences and needs.

Finding the perfect flooring for your space can be a challenging task, but Triumph Flooring makes it easier with their extensive selection and quality products. Whether you’re looking for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring, Triumph has got you covered.

Their authorized dealers and retailers are knowledgeable and can assist you in finding the right flooring that suits your style and budget. Triumph Flooring is known for its durability, attractive designs, and easy installation. With their vast network of dealers and retailers, you can easily find Triumph Flooring in stores near you. Transform your space with high-quality flooring from Triumph and enjoy the beauty and functionality it brings to your home or business.

The Benefits Of Choosing Triumph Flooring

Triumph Flooring offers a wide range of durable and long-lasting materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear. Whether you have a busy household or a commercial space, their flooring options are designed to stand the test of time.

With Triumph Flooring, you have access to a wide variety of styles and designs to suit any aesthetic preference. From classic hardwood to modern laminate, there is something for everyone. You can choose from a range of colors, patterns, and textures to create the perfect look for your space.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for Triumph Flooring is its budget-friendly pricing. They understand that flooring is a significant investment, and strive to offer affordable options without compromising on quality. Whether you’re renovating your home or updating a commercial space, Triumph Flooring provides value for your money.

Finding Triumph Flooring Retailers Near You

Researching Local Retailers: If you’re in the market for Triumph flooring, it’s essential to find retailers near you who sell this product. Start by researching local retailers in your area. Use search engines and local business directories to find a list of potential stores.

Online Retailers and Their Benefits: In addition to local stores, consider exploring online retailers for purchasing Triumph flooring. Online retailers often offer a wider variety of options, competitive prices, and the convenience of doorstep delivery. Take advantage of online platforms that specialize in home improvement products.

Reading Customer Reviews: Before making a purchasing decision, it’s wise to read customer reviews. Look for feedback on both the product itself and the retailer’s customer service. Genuine customer reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of the Triumph flooring and the retailer’s reliability.

Specialty Flooring Retailers

When it comes to finding Triumph Flooring, there are several specialty retailers that you can turn to. These retailers offer a wide range of flooring options, including Triumph Flooring, to meet your specific needs and preferences. Two popular options that you can consider are Lowe’s Home Improvement and The Home Depot.

  1. Lowe’s Home ImprovementLowe’s is a well-known home improvement retailer that provides a variety of products for your flooring needs. They offer a wide selection of brands, including Triumph Flooring, and have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in finding the right flooring option for your home. Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, Lowe’s offers convenience and quality products to meet your flooring requirements.
  2. The Home DepotAnother reputable retailer to consider is The Home Depot. They offer a broad range of flooring options, including Triumph Flooring, with various styles, colors, and finishes to choose from. The Home Depot is known for its extensive selection and competitive prices. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rely on their expertise to find the perfect Triumph Flooring for your space.

Both Lowe’s and The Home Depot have established a strong reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. When it comes to finding Triumph Flooring, these retailers are reliable choices that offer convenience and a wide selection to meet your flooring needs.

Online Flooring Retailers

When it comes to purchasing Triumph Flooring, there are several online retailers where you can find and make your purchase. Here are two popular platforms that offer a wide range of flooring options, including Triumph Flooring:

1. Build.com

Build.com is a well-known online home improvement retailer offering a vast selection of products, including flooring options. They provide customers with a convenient and user-friendly interface to browse and compare different flooring varieties. Build.com also offers detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and helpful guides to assist customers in making informed decisions. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and reliable shipping services, Build.com is a trusted platform for purchasing Triumph Flooring.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is another popular online retailer that specializes in home furnishings and decor. They offer an extensive range of flooring options, including Triumph Flooring, providing customers with various styles and designs to choose from. Wayfair ensures a seamless shopping experience by offering detailed product information, customer reviews, and recommendations. Their commitment to quality and excellent customer service makes them a reputable choice for purchasing Triumph Flooring.

These online retailers provide convenient platforms for customers to browse, compare, and purchase Triumph Flooring with ease. Whether you are a homeowner looking to update your space or a contractor in need of reliable flooring options, these platforms offer a range of choices to meet your needs

Local Flooring Stores

When it comes to finding Triumph flooring for your home or business, there are several local stores that offer a wide selection of options. Two notable options are Flooring America and Lumber Liquidators.

1. Flooring America

Flooring America is a well-known and reputable flooring store that offers a variety of Triumph flooring options. With numerous locations across the country, they provide customers with a vast selection of styles, colors, and textures to choose from. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through the selection process and help you find the perfect flooring solution for your needs. Additionally, Flooring America offers professional installation services to ensure that your new Triumph flooring is expertly installed.

2. Lumber Liquidators

Another great option for finding Triumph flooring is Lumber Liquidators. Known for their extensive inventory of affordable flooring, Lumber Liquidators offers a range of Triumph flooring options to suit different budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer hardwood, laminate, or vinyl, they have a wide selection available. Their friendly and helpful staff can assist you in finding the right flooring for your space and provide advice on installation and maintenance.

With these local flooring stores, you can easily find Triumph flooring that meets your style, budget, and performance needs. Whether you choose Flooring America or Lumber Liquidators, you can be confident in the quality and durability of Triumph flooring for your home or business.

Comparing Triumph Flooring With Other Brands

Triumph Flooring stands out from other brands in terms of quality, pricing, and design options. In terms of quality, Triumph Flooring excels by using durable materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, ensuring long-lasting and reliable flooring options.

When it comes to pricing and affordability, Triumph Flooring offers competitive prices without compromising on quality. With a wide range of options available, they cater to different budgets and provide value for money. Customers can find a suitable flooring option without breaking the bank.

In addition to quality and pricing, Triumph Flooring offers an extensive range of style and design options. Their collection includes various patterns, colors, and textures to complement any home or commercial space. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern aesthetic, Triumph Flooring has something to offer.

So, when comparing Triumph Flooring with other brands, it is clear that they prioritize quality, affordability, and design options. Whether you are remodeling your home or renovating a commercial space, Triumph Flooring should be your top choice.

Guidelines For Choosing The Right Triumph Flooring

Identifying your flooring needs: Before deciding on which Triumph Flooring to choose, it is essential to consider your specific needs. Take into account factors such as the traffic that the room will experience, the desired aesthetic appeal, and the amount of maintenance you are willing to undertake.

Consideration of the room’s function: Different rooms have different requirements when it comes to flooring. For high-traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens, it is important to select a durable flooring material that can withstand increased wear and tear. On the other hand, for bedrooms or living rooms, you might prioritize comfort and visual appeal.

Budget considerations: Setting a budget is crucial when choosing Triumph Flooring. Determine how much you are willing to spend and explore different options within your price range. Additionally, keep in mind that flooring materials come with varying costs for installation and maintenance, so consider the long-term expenses as well.

By carefully considering your flooring needs, the specific function of the room, and your budget, you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right Triumph Flooring.

Triumph Flooring Installation Process

If you are considering installing Triumph Flooring, there are a few options to explore. One option is to pursue a DIY installation. Triumph Flooring provides tips and guidelines to help homeowners successfully install the flooring themselves. Following these guidelines can lead to a successful and cost-effective installation. However, if you prefer a more professional approach, hiring a professional installer is recommended. Professionals have the expertise and experience to ensure a proper and precise installation. While this option may incur some additional cost, it can also provide the peace of mind that the installation will be done correctly. Comparing the cost of installation for a DIY project versus hiring professionals can help you decide which route is best for you. Ultimately, the choice between a DIY installation and hiring professionals depends on your comfort level and budget.

Who Sells Triumph Flooring  : Get Quality, Affordable Flooring Solutions

Customer Satisfaction With Triumph Flooring

Triumph Flooring is committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our success stories and testimonials from satisfied customers highlight our dedication to customer satisfaction. With a wide range of flooring options available, including hardwood, laminate, and vinyl, we have a solution for every style and budget.

Our warranty and customer service support further demonstrate our commitment to our customers. We offer comprehensive warranties on all our flooring products, ensuring that our customers are protected against any manufacturing defects. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is always available to address any queries or concerns.

In addition to individual customer experiences, we also provide case studies showcasing the successful installation of Triumph Flooring in various settings. These case studies offer real-life examples of how our flooring products have transformed spaces and exceeded customer expectations.

At Triumph Flooring, we take pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our success stories, testimonials, warranty, and customer service support are a testament to our commitment to providing the best flooring solutions in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions On Who Sells Triumph Flooring

Who Makes Triumph Lvp Flooring?

Triumph LVP flooring is manufactured by Triumph Hardwood. They are a trusted and reputable brand known for producing high-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Is Triumph Flooring Waterproof?

Yes, Triumph flooring is waterproof. It is designed to resist water damage, making it a durable and practical option for areas prone to moisture.

How Much Does It Cost To Install 1000 Square Feet Of Lvp Floors?

The cost of installing 1000 square feet of LVP floors can vary, ranging from $3,000 to $8,000, depending on factors such as the quality of the LVP, installation method, and any additional materials or labor required.

What Is The Cheapest Most Durable Flooring?

Vinyl flooring offers the cheapest and most durable option for your home. Its durability makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, and it comes in a range of styles to suit any decor. With its affordable price and long-lasting performance, vinyl flooring is the best choice for budget-conscious homeowners.


When it comes to finding a reliable supplier for Triumph Flooring, it is essential to consider factors such as quality, pricing, and customer service. By conducting thorough research and exploring different options, you can ensure that you make an informed decision.

Remember to always prioritize your specific needs and requirements to find the best distributor that meets your expectations.

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